Welcome to the Translating All Global Vocabulary! We offer interactive lessons for people who want to learn different languages. These include audio recordings dubbed by native experienced professional voice actors. We aim to enable you to learn more language at a time.  TAGV offers a self-study course and materials for learning several languages.

Basic Words, Phrases and Grammar in Several Languages

Learning a new language is a big project that needs to be planned well, especially if you only have minimal time. Studying and learning a new language demands a lot of memorization and frequent repetition of the word to retain it in your memory. So, we provide supplementary information and materials to map your language learning activities.

Learning new language is like learning how to play musical instruments and games or cooking a new recipe. It requires a lot of practice.

At present, TAGV gives several language tutorials. There are available audio files, photos and interactive exercises for experiential learning.

You will have access to free grammar tutorials, vocabulary lists, audio practices and games to help you advance in your foreign language knowledge.

  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Latin
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Afrikaans
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Icelandic
  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukranian
  • Croatian
  • Finnish
  • Turkish
  • Arabic
  • Indonesian
  • Hindi

At the moment, our language courses cover the basic level only. If you enjoy the above tutorials, please consider buying the advance language tutorials as a PDF e-book with free mp3s.

We have partnered up with languagecentre.net.au to bring you the best online training that your dollar can achieve. When learning a language it’s important to read and write in the language that is best learnt. You can also immerse yourself in the culture and country of the language by speanding a short time or holiday period in the country.

Be adopted into a home via AirBnB and live with the locals, learning and experiencing the language and culture. For example, if travelling to Germany you could stay in Berlin or Munich for a short or long period and learn german online via Skype of other similar means. The possibilities are endless.

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Language School

WordPress Themes You Can Use For Your Language School

You have chosen an ideal web hosting service, created your WordPress language school and feel like you are ready to get cranking. However, what you may not have considered is the numerous benefits of your WordPress language school standing out. It is not all about a standard WordPress theme, striking layout, and amazing offers available that make your language school an ideal choice; there is more to it, giving you a chance to customize your site. There are different WordPress themes that you can use for your language school, each with a variety of features worth your while. Here is ...
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Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English Abroad with a Criminal Record – Is it Possible?

Teaching English abroad with a criminal record will vary from one country to another. As every country has their own policies, this would all depend on the requirements and rules involved. If you have a criminal record and are thinking about going abroad to teach, you’ll have to consider a lot of factors. You might have heard about background checks and researched about is truthfinder free or not. Luckily, while there are a lot of institutions that are very strict with their background checks to the point that they hire third-party background check services, there are some institutions that believe ...
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Ceiling Fans

Controlling Your Ceiling Fans with Natural Language — Alexa Voice Control

Lost remote, tired of constant trips to switches and buttons to adjust the ceiling fan!! Are you tired of constantly looking for your lost ceiling fan remote? Is it a hassle to keep on standing up just to switch the buttons and adjust your ceiling fan? If so, don’t fret because Alexa voice control is here to help. You can also visit their ceiling fans showroom to more know about the products. With this, you can now control lights, A/C units, doors, fireplaces, and ceiling fans handsfree. Yes, hands-free, without using the remote. All you need is your natural language ...
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Drug Testing Language Teachers

Drug Testing Language Teachers: What Are The Results?

Drug testing is a common aspect in the workplace. The primary reason is to ensure that workers are not hooked on drugs that endanger their lives in the workplace. The other reason explained by payspi is that drugs affect their productivity negatively that could end up costing business thousands of dollars. Despite the testing, however, fake pee for drug tests has become a norm to beat the tests. Failing a drug test could translate to immediate firing or reprimands depending on the situation. Drug Testing Teachers Though it is typical for random drug tests, teachers in most states are not ...
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Online Dating And Language Barrier

Online Dating And Language Barrier

Online dating through social media has taken over the modern world. Online sites and apps are becoming more and more of a go-to platform as they connect people around the globe and help them find their love interests online. The ease of connecting to a large pool, however, poses the challenge of the language barrier. As a single person looking for a date, you might stumble upon snapchat girls who understands little or nothing of your language. The goal of online dating through social media is to meet that special someone, and if the language barrier is keeping you from ...
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Clothing As A Form of Communication

Clothing is a form of nonverbal communication that tells much to the viewer about the wearer. Before people even get to know each other, they can make assumptions about the other person’s age, occupation, religion, cultural belief and social status just by their clothing. Many people make these assumptions and judge other people without even realizing it. As per thatshirt.com, it is important to note that the assumptions may vary with different individuals. Here are some assumptions based on clothing: Social Status In some societies, people wear clothing for social status. For instance, most politicians tend to wear impressive clothing ...
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How the Internet Makes Language Learning Easier

Have you always had trouble learning a language by reading a book? No doubt that learning a new language is hard. You can’t just learn it by reading about the language’s nouns and pronouns from a book. You need to practice every day and hear actual natives speak the language. You may even need a tutor for that. According to research released by filecollective, the internet changed language learning by making it easier to look for sources that can help you. Here are some ways it was able to do that: Online Sources Back in the day, most people had ...
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Learning Foreign Languages for Culinary Success

As the world of culinary becomes highly competitive, chefs are finding themselves with the need to step their game up. While exceptional cooking skills still remain to be the main ingredient for success, it is simply not enough. Employers and restaurant owners are now looking to employ those who possess not only the required cooking skills but also exceptional communications skills. On the other note, we arranged a 50% discount to take money off on your first order from Sun Basket. Don't forget to redeem that. This fact may seem discouraging, especially if you are new to the culinary world, but ...
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Language of your Hair

Learn the Language of your Hair

People have their own way of conveying one’s message. Some can become silent after an argument while others tend to distance themselves. However, some use their hair as a form of language (Yes, hair is a language). With just the right amount of hair flipped at the back of their head, it could mean something. Once you click here and read, you might wonder and laugh that you did it at some point. But here’s the thing, do you really know what your hair is trying to say? When you notice your hair that’s already falling, do you know what ...
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Schools are officially accepting bitcoin for language tuition

Bitcoin adaptation is continually growing. Other than being used to buy homes, there are a handful of universities that are accepting them to be used to pay tuition fees under certain conditions. One of the universities that have authorized the use of bitcoin to pay for tuition is Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland. The institution stated that accepting this cryptocurrency is a way of transferring knowledge and Review Crypto Signals—blockchain for instance. It added that it is a way of gaining experience in the cryptocurrencies area since the school offers finance-related courses such as economics, finance, ...
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