Language of your Hair

Learn the Language of your Hair

People have their own way of conveying one’s message. Some can become silent after an argument while others tend to distance themselves. However, some use their hair as a form of language (Yes, hair is a language). With just the right amount of hair flipped at the back of their head, it could mean something.

Once you click here and read, you might wonder and laugh that you did it at some point. But here’s the thing, do you really know what your hair is trying to say?

When you notice your hair that’s already falling, do you know what that means?

There’s so much your hair has to express that you possibly don’t know, and learning the language of it possesses more challenges. However, with this article to guide you, it wouldn’t be that complicated anymore.

What Your Hair Says about Health

Hair fallexperts estimate that every day, you lose at least a hundred strands of hair. The event doesn’t pose an alarm since your hair follicles produce and replace lost hair at any given time. However, if the number of hair fall is extremely enormous, this could mean something.

In men, the conversion of testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone or DHT (the effect shrink hair follicles which ultimately become a pattern of baldness or Alopecia) is terrifying. Women, on the other hand, also get a small amount of DHT under normal conditions. If this happens, see a specialist to address if there are health problems present.

Sun damage when you spend too much under the sun, chances are your hair would become brittle and split ends will eventually increase. Using an umbrella or wearing a hat should be done every time you’re under the sun. Also, choosing the best shampoo for sun protection is considered essential.

Medical Side Effects precautionary measures should be understood properly before taking any medicines as some of them can cause alarming side effects to your hair.

The Language of Hair Color

There are some instances where after going out from the salon, the color you want to apply to your hair doesn’t meet your standards. This gives you fear of going back to the same salon again (or worst not to any salon anymore). And when you present a picture of the celebrity’s hair color, stylist have a different interpretation which poses more challenge to you. Below are essentials that you need to know before you let your stylist experiment your hair.

Highlights and Lowlights give more depth to your hair.

The darkness or lightness of your hair is called the based color.

The dimension makes the color variations in your hair.

Depending on your choice of color, the tone gives the reflection of your hair.

Hair Gesture as a Language

Oftentimes, people, especially women, express their feelings by simply touching their hair or grabbing the hair at the back of their head. These are called non-verbal cues. For example, you might be interested in something when both of your hair is flipped at the back of your ears. Also, twisting your hair back and forth might be a sign that you’re bored. Whatever it is, the connection between language and hair is evident.

Knowing the cues of your hair is essential as it will help you avoid problems in the future. Once you’ve learned the language of your hair, this will definitely save you money, effort, and time. Plus, with the hair care on the rise, maintaining the healthiness of your hair will put your life at ease.

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