How the Internet Makes Language Learning Easier

Have you always had trouble learning a language by reading a book? No doubt that learning a new language is hard. You can’t just learn it by reading about the language’s nouns and pronouns from a book. You need to practice every day and hear actual natives speak the language. You may even need a tutor for that. According to research released by filecollective, the internet changed language learning by making it easier to look for sources that can help you. Here are some ways it was able to do that:

Online Sources

Back in the day, most people had to run to the bookstore and buy language textbooks. Nowadays, you can search for those online. In fact, if you know how to find copyright-free academic files online, you’ll be able to find a lot of cool sources that can help you with language learning. Of course, books aren’t enough, as we stated above. Read on to know other ways the internet dynamically changed language learning.


Even if you read really good books, you still won’t be able to hear how a certain word is pronounced. Sure, you can read the breakdown of the pronunciation, but it’s still different hearing it being said. Videos can change all that. By watching a video tutorial of a person teaching you how to speak a language, you can try to emulate the pronunciation and the accent, giving you a better grasp of the language.

Audio Files

It’s not all the time that you’ll be able to watch video tutorials of language classes. When you’re on the way to work or school, you can’t concentrate too much on your phone because you have to concentrate on where you’re going. That’s where audio files come in. Audio files allow you to listen to lessons like you’re listening to music. Just plug in the earphones and you can immerse yourself in the lessons.

Interactive Classes

There are a number of platforms that offer interactive classes and practice online. These platforms would connect various people to other people around the world. In essence, these platforms can help you find a practice buddy wherein you two can teach each other the language and practice on each other as well.

Online Progress Tests

A lot of these platforms also have progress tests that will test how far a person has learned. The great thing about these tests is that they can be repeated as many times until you pass. It’s not like a school test wherein you don’t get a second chance once your grade comes in. These tests are definitely better for your self-confidence and can quantify how much you’ve learned over a period of time.

As you can see, technology made learning a language much easier and even more fun. No longer will you have to pay a lot of money for a class. You can now get one for free, with all the matching practice sessions you need (some do need payment for joining though). That’s why a lot more people are learning languages faster as compared to years ago.


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