About Us

You can be competent in your chosen second language, given that you have the eagerness to learn and the desire to communicate using the L2.

Translating All Global Vocabulary (TAGV) is a free online tutorial for everyone who wants to learn different languages. It provides a simple way to learn different languages with its genuine and rich content.

  • TAGV covers multiple languages.
  • Classes are conducted via Skype with teachers located in different countries.
  • The aim of this site is to provide a platform of learning opportunities for those who want to learn as many languages as possible, especially for tourists and expatriates.
  • TAGV enables the learners from different parts of the world to enjoy and have fun while learning to meet their learning outcomes and goals successfully.
  • This site is not only intended for those who want to self-study at home, but also for regular classes at school.
  • This site focuses on the basic grammar and vocabulary of different languages.
  • TAGV content introduces different information and rules of the different languages which is commonly taught and understood in the country of origin.
  • The content of this site is produced by experienced language teachers with commendable qualifications.
  • Some parts of this tutorial are in collaboration with the teachers themselves who are eager to learn other languages.
  • Well-experienced and trained professional voice actors recorded the voice samples used on this site.

All voice recordings are supervised by a designated language teacher.